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Featured Florals 

Delightfully Different has Elegant New Arrangements and Wreaths

pre-made or totally custom for your decor

to Embellish your home for Spring 


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For decades, Chelsea House has brought warmth and beauty to homes with its extensive line of furniture, lighting, art, mirrors and decorative accessories.


Chelsea House believes that hospitality is still important, that nothing takes the place of hand-craftsmanship and that business is still best done among friends. Chelsea House is not about trends that are here today and gone tomorrow, but rather we are grounded in classic design with a vibrant, fresh attitude for today’s living. We know that true beauty transcends time.

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Whether your style is coastal or contemporary, masculine or glam, transitional, trendy, or classic, Wildwood is your source for the perfect lighting and decorative accessory options to personalize your one-of-a-kind space.


Our world traveling designers have a passion that ensures Wildwood's standards of excellence are always met. The name Wildwood is synonymous with uncommon beauty of the highest quality.


Trends change, "looks" are reflected, but our commitment to products that are up-to-date and fashion-forward is a constant. The extensive collection of high quality, traditional, transitional and contemporary home furnishings at Wildwood offers a design for wherever your projects take you . . .




Delightfully Different Floral's began with a passion for making our home beautiful!  My mother is one of the most talented people I know and she is truly passionate about making sure her home and her family are well cared for.  Her persute of floral design began from simply wanting to make our home feel warm, inviting and well cared for.  After several years of DIY decorating and florals she decided to venture to Portland and take a class in professional floral design.  After that she was hooked and her and my father created and opened a gift shop and floral boutique in Western Pennslynania called Delightfully Different!

After several years of curating to the local clientel's need's for home accents, gifts and custom silk florals she decided it was time to move her focus strictly to the design element of her business; thus Delightfully Different Florals was born!  I can tell you as her daughter, and yes, I am biased; she puts every ounce of creativity into each design.  Whether it be a special custom floral for a specific customer and unique space or an inventory piece to add to her website; each piece is unique and different in its own way!   She is truly a gifted individual and see's the art of decorating a space as no one else I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

I am proud and delighted to introduce you to her amazing creations!  Please take a look through the gallery.  Feel free to purchase what you see online as it appears or to set up an appointment to discuss alterations or custom pieces.  Though she currently works out of the Pittsburgh area she is able to service anyone from anywhere via a Skype meeting or a quick conference call to discuss particulars.

Enjoy being delighted!


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